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Laminate Vs PVC

What is Laminate and PVC covered plywood?

and how does this affect your cut to size plywood order?

Laminate (HPL)

Over here we will be discussing in the context of carpentry, mostly refering to cabinet, wardrode. bookshelves and desk etc. Also we are also refering to the common term use in Singapore carpentry.

Laminate usually refer to the High Pressure Laminate (HPL). See picture below on how they are made.

PVC lined plywood

PVC is a single layer compress directly into the plywood. 

From the Table above, we can see that PVC is more versatile and economic with multiple usage. 

In our shop there is 2 type of PVC layered plywood;

1 sided layered PVC and 2 sided layered PVC

As the name suggest, it mean one side is cover and the other is both surface are covered with PVC. Most of your kitchen cabinet and wardrode are make from PVC lined plywood. 

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Type of Plywood Thickness

What Are The Standard Size Of Plywood Thickness In Singapore?

*Here in Easywood, we are discussing the plywood with respect to the interior, carpentry, art and craft, DIY and in household use context. We will not be discussing other type of plywood use by other industry like construction, logistics etc

The most commonly use plywood thickness in Singapore is from 3mm to 18mm.

25mm thickness is not popular as it is too heavy to handle and usually will need 2 person.


The grade of the plywood are classified A, B, C, D, UTR. A is the best and generally costly. The most commonly used grade for carpentry and household here is B and C

A-grade  and B grade plywood come with a smooth, sanded surface without hitches. Any imperfection have been fixed with filler, so the surface can be painted, making it perfect for furniture and process that required prepare surface. Discoloration is also kept minimum.

A and B-grade differences is the amount of imperfection and discolouration and amount of filler involve.

C-grade is unsanded and may have a more deformities that. C-grade plywood is is use when appearance isn’t important, for example, on subfloors or carports.

Usually you will find mixed grade plywood, for example, AB grade, BC. BC-grade is a mixed grade plywood wood with one side evaluated a B, while the opposite side is reviewed a C.

This mixed grade is common as most of the usage only require 1 face of the plywood to be nice, as the other side may be cover with laminate or PVC or stick to the wall.

Therefore here in our cut to size or Tailor to size plywood we are using all B/C grade.

Our cut to size plywood come in;

  1. 3mm plywood thickness
  2. 5.2mm plywood thickness
  3. 9mm plywood thickness
  4. 12mm plywood thickness
  5. 15mm plywood thickness
  6. 18mm plywood thickness